Kevin Titzer

kevin titzer

kevin titzer

Kevin Titzer 



1997         – Bachelors of Science, Liberal Arts   University of Southern Indiana




“Troublesome Houses: Art Inspired By Will Oldham”      LVAA Gallery – Louisville, KY



Dig For Fire: Art Inspired By The Pixies”              C.A.V.E Gallery – Los Angles, CA

“Secret Handshakes and Bird Calls”                  Goldesberry Gallery – Houston, TX

“Ghost Of A Chance” – Solo Exhibition            Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angles, CA



“Gary Schott, Kevin Titzer”                                    Goldesberry Gallery-Houston, TX

“Born Free” Group Exhibition                             Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angles, CA

“Picks Of The Harvest” Group Exhibition            Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angles, CA

“Love Conquers All” Group Exhibition                Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angles, CA

“Beyond Eden Art Fair”                                      Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angles, CA

“Five Year Anniversary”                                      Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angles, CA



“Solo Exhibition”                                                       Garde Rail Gallery – Seattle, WA

“Three Person Exhibition”                      Snyderman Works Gallery – Philadelphia, PA

“Artrageous” Group Exhibition                                         Estel Gallery – Nashville, TN



“Camilla Engman, Sergio Mora, Kevin Titzer”             Lunar Boy Gallery – Astoria, OR

“Scott Radke, Kevin Titzer”                            Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angeles, CA

All Dolled Up”                                                          C1 Artspace –Toronto, Canada

« Valery Milovic, Matt Sesow, Kevin Titzer”                     Alcove Gallery – Atlanta, GA


“Kings, Queens And Childhood Dreams”                   Strychnin Gallery – London, UK

 Solo Exhibition”                                                     Garde Rail Gallery – Seattle, WA

 “RE:Mission”                                                  Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angeles, CA

 “Hidden Depth”                                                   Subtext Gallery – San Diego, CA    

“Cult Of Children”                                            Black Maria Gallery – Los Angeles, CA


“Andy Kehoe, Kathleen Lolley, Kevin Titzer”       Harmony Gallery – Los Angeles, CA

“Roger Clayton, Chris Dean, Kevin Titzer”                       Tag Gallery – Nashville, TN

“Gus Fink, Shaunna Peterson, Kevin Titzer”                  Alcove Gallery – Atlanta, GA

Casey McGlynn, Kevin Titzer”                                 Garde Rail Gallery – Seattle, WA


“Mary Klein, Kevin Titzer”                                       Rogue Buddha – Minneapolis, MN

Transformation 5: Works In Found Materials”               SCC Gallery – Pittsburgh, PA

“Solo Exhibition”                                                      Garde Rail Gallery – Seattle, WA

Mr. Hooper, Kevin Titzer”                                               Alcove Gallery – Atlanta, GA

“Solo Exhibition”                                                        C1 Artspace – Toronto, Canada

Steve Cull, Kevin Titzer”                         Chapman Friedman Gallery – Louisville, KY


“Kevin Titzer, Bill Skrips”                                                     Zeek Gallery – Salam, OR

Grimms Fairy Tales Reinvented”                Society Of Arts & Craft – Boston, MA       

“Mr. Hooper, Kevin Titzer”                                      Yard Dog Gallery – Austin, TX

Solo Exhibition”                                                       Garde Rail Gallery- Seattle, WA

Mr. Hooper, Kevin Titzer”                                               Alcove Gallery – Atlanta, GA

“Snowball In Hell: Art Inspired by They Might Be Giants”

                                                                                Garde Rail Gallery – Seattle, WA


“Jon Langford, Kevin Titzer”                                        Tag Art Gallery – Nashville, TN

Rik Catlow, Mr. Hooper, Kevin Titzer”                          Tag Art Gallery – Nashville, TN

“Melissa Meyer, Kevin Titzer”                    Chapman Friedman Gallery – Louisville, KY


“The Griffen Brothers, Kevin Titzer”                             Tag Art Gallery – Nashville, TN

“Jon Langford, Kevin Titzer”                     Chapman Friedman Gallery – Louisville, KY

“Gadgets, Gizmos, & Games”                          Art Complex Museum – Duxbury, Mass


“Once And Again”                                                      OXOXO Gallery – Baltimore, MD

Jon Langford, Kevin Titzer”                                         Tag Art Gallery – Nashville, TN

“Spyglass”                                                  Gus Luckys Art Gallery – Minneapolis, MN

 “The Box”                                                  Chapman Fridman Gallery – Louisville, KY


« The Elephant Project”                               Phukaewitaya School – Saraburi, Thailand


Exhibitions provided upon request



Exhibitions Curated

2004            – Snowball In Hell: Art Inspired By They Might Be Giants

2011            – Dig For Fire: Art Inspired By The Pixies

2013            – Troublesome Houses: Art Inspired By Will Oldham



2006         – Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artists Grant

                   Funded visiting artist trip to Berlin
2000         – Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artists Grant

                   Funded visiting artist trip to Bangkok

1997         – Penland School of Craft Assistantship

1996         – Anderson Ranch Arts Center Scholarship


Visiting Artist

2007       – Collaboration with artist April Gertler –  Berlin, Germany

2000        – Project 304 Art Gallery –  Bangkok, Thailand

1999        – University of Wisconsin River Falls –  Wisconsin


Workshops Taught

2000         – The Elephant Project – Phukaewitaya School – Saraburi, Thailand

2000         – Lost And Found – Artworks Studio – Evansville, IN


Art Direction

2007         – Mock Orange music video (Song in D) Album: Captain Love, Wendsday records

2005         – Wood Diary short film Directed by David E. Mayers, Exit 7 media