la corniche art gallery

Galerie d’art la corniche

In 1976, after many years of voluntarily promoting emerging Quebec artists, Paquerette Hudon opened an Art Gallery in downtown Chicoutimi. This endeavor had the active support and encouragement of the artists she had promoted. From the beginning, art lovers welcomed the idea: A warm decor, a friendly ambience, and, above all, a judicious choice of artists known throughout the region, and the province of Québec.It did not take long for La Corniche to become recognized for the quality and the variety of the works it displayed. It became “the” art gallery to visit.After thirty-five years, and more than a hundred and ninety five exhibitions, in collaboration with museums, exhibition centres and editors, La Corniche has won an enviable reputation throughout the province of Québec, and indeed Canada as a whole.Our mission statement is to introduce young promising artists from the Saguenay region and from Quebec at large. In keeping with that aim we shall continue to offer our faithful and new clients the best works of artists with established reputations, and the creative endeavors of artists who are who are on the brink of fame.In 1998 Paquerette Hudon passed on the torch of gallery management to her daughter Chantale, her associate since 1980. Nevertheless her spirit still pervades these premises. Nowadays, Chantale passionately pursues the search for excellence, promoting the work of young and new talent while presenting the art of famous artists. 

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