Bouchard, Mario


Mario Bouchard
Mario Bouchard was born in 1951, in Charlevoix County. The painter spent his childhood summers hunting and fishing in the mountains around Saint-Urbain, his native village.
From a young age, Mario Bouchard discovered a fabulous world that took shape on his sheet of paper with a simple wooden pencil. He was a quiet, even shy, child and drawing was more than a simple pastime for him: it was how he communicated his feelings. With a natural interest in art and bored with schoolwork, he sought to develop this very satisfying innate talent. In his teen years, as soon as he had the money, he experimented for the first time with a new medium: oil painting. Many years passed, and in 1986, he left a career in administration to have the freedom to devote himself fully to his art.

This self-taught artist is constantly honing and personalizing his technique, inspired by the picturesque landscapes of his home county. He has a few solo and group exhibitions to his credit.

From the start of his painting career, Mario Bouchard has focused his attention on the landscapes of Charlevoix, with shades and hues providing his inspiration. In all seasons, he travels great distances searching for that perfect instant, that magical moment that he can preserve on canvas. A small church bathed in the pink glow of dawn, a field invaded by sheep, children playing on an old farm or lovers glimpsed down a winding lane-Bouchard’s paintings speak of the joys of daily life, treasures accessible to anyone with the ability to “feel” the land, the river, the trees. His landscapes breathe a wondrous soft light that entices us into their world. Every one of his paintings inspires calm and peacefulness.

His work reflects a practised eye and a sure hand. Beyond heritage and topography, our attention is captured by the lively yet harmonious colours, and the solid, well balanced composition. His canvases often create the impression of vast spaces and great freedom, because Mario Bouchard has an overwhelming need for space, which reflects his entire personality.

Mario Bouchard’s style is notable for its purity and careful work, a vibrant tribute to the perfection of nature, dedicated to the beauty of life.