Bruneau, Kittie

Kittie Bruneau

Painter and engraver, Kittie Bruneau was born in Montreal in 1929. After studying drawing and modeling at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montreal (1946 and 1949 ) and a year painting at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts School of Art , she left Quebec to Paris in 1950 , where she perfects dance and became familiar with many artistic movements . She puts the painting aside for a few years, until his return to Quebec , and his first exhibitions coincide with the takeover of the Liberal Party and the death of Borduas (1960). Then she begins to paint his visual language finally discovers his own vocabulary.

The artistic career of Kittie Bruneau and its place in our collective memory are unique . Little influenced by the work of Borduas and Riopelle , his painting is lyrical , colorful , alive. It recognizes the perpetual identity of the artist, always concerned about the human condition quest.

She began a series of exhibitions in several cities, including Montreal , Ottawa, Halifax and Paris . Often associated with post- automation and naive art , the artist whose imagination and fantasy works personalize and give a uniqueness to his artistic expression, does not belong to any particular school or theory.

Since 1962 , it produces vibrant artwork , generous and imaginative in the dough in the subject. Painted with a sincere brutality , his paintings are always short of aggression. Joining the true tenderness, artist invents images she makes sometimes by line , sometimes by the sum of the colors.

In imagination , utilizing mineral, vegetable and animal (including human and divine realms ) , Kittie Bruneau throws on canvas juxtapositions that defy logic and experience without falling into the trap of surrealism . In everything she paints , she expressed a personal vision, objectively verifiable , strange as it may seem, by examining the details of the painted canvas. Drawing, she mastered beautifully, is put at the service of the entire canvas.

Kittie Bruneau ‘s work is part of the collections of several museums, large companies and government agencies in Canada .

Kittie Bruneau, historical artist, la corniche art gallery( Based on a text by Leo Rosshandler )