Cantin, Roger

Roger Cantin

” It all started when my mother made me a gift box of watercolors . ”

Roger Cantin, self-taught painter , was born in Quebec in 1930. His art is impulsive and spontaneous. As soon as an idea comes to mind , always simple, rarely picturesque , he materializes on canvas with astonishing mastery of form and color . We particularly Quebec houses he camped with a hint of gentle melancholy . His palette of soft heat reveals a lively and diluted without excess dough.

In his paintings , blues and ochres of great tenderness oppose refined white . We then feel the softness of a being in full communion with the landscape , the sky , earth, space, infinity. Everything here is meditation, peace , love .

Besides acrylic, watercolor Roger Cantin practice . He pulls this technique interesting decorative effects where sober and harmonious colors combine to form subtly recreated. Seeking simplification of form and color in the description of people and landscapes remains its primary concern.

Roger Cantin participated in several exhibitions during his career, and his work is exhibited at the Galerie la Corniche for over 30 years.

Roger Cantin, artist, landscape, Quebec, la corniche art gallery