Chiasson, Denis (Desson)

Denis Chiasson


Like other artists who were trained in graphic design, Denis Chiasson Desson attaches great importance to composition, which frames all creation. He begins by making a series of sketches. Once a drawing is chosen, Denis Chiasson (Desson) transposes the outline to the canvas, which is progressively defined with the application of colour. What emerges is a painting whose subject is enhanced by strong, angular and intense lines. This meticulous process adds a touch of perfectionism to his works that is seldom seen elsewhere. His strong colours reveal an uncommon sensitivity, bringing forth touching images inhabited by a unique personal style.

His female nudes are particularly striking and are an exception to the rule in today’s galleries, where such subject matter is becoming less sought-after. He treats the female form with modesty and respect, eliminating all eroticism. A great intensity emanates from the compositions where the forms are gathered in tight poses. Looking down, reserved and, most recently, with their eyes closed, his female subjects are striking in their interiority and the contemplation they evoke. This visual aesthetic and the introspection with which he infuses his subjects make Denis Chiasson an exceptional artist: one to be discovered.