Frere Jerome

Frere Jerome


The life of Frere  Jerome (Joseph Ulrich-Aime Paradis) was not a long quiet river. Torn between a sincere vocation but early and artistic expression he considers almost visceral faith, he must make compromises sometimes choose between two possible, especially wait patiently for things and put his vision is needed very gently. The creative rebellion remained basically sweet home, but it was nevertheless clear and assured. Jerome Paradis is a man to discover. His childhood, his religious life, his artistic life are the three main facets of his personality.

Dedicating himself to art and education as it did for most of his life, Brother Jerome quickly had to develop a personal vision of creativity. Influenced by Borduas in 1940 he frequents, he advocate a profound renewal of the report of our society to the visual arts. Deeply religious, he must reconcile his desire for abstraction with intense Christian spirituality. His teaching, public workshops and inner life have influenced each other to form a coherent whole that is an essential introduction to his painting.

With more than 3,000 works preserved on canvas or paper production brother Jerome was not so marginal that we sometimes have us believe. Her artistic approach always remained consistent with its vision, its teaching and Christian religious reality. It can be understood as a painted prayer, but it also shows a sensitive artist who understands the excitement of Montreal’s cultural milieu. Jerome always remained close formalist approaches modernity that moves during the years 1950-1970. An analysis of its pictorial spirituality, a chronological presentation of its production and thematic selection of works highlight the richness of meaningful work of this seasoned performer.

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