Jobin, Gilles

Gilles Jobin

Born in Arvida in 1942 , Gilles Jobin now lives in Chicoutimi. He drew and painted already at the age of 12 years. Encouraged by his teachers in high school, he studied at the École des Beaux- Arts de Québec ( 1959-1966 ) . He presents his works since 1972 and many of his paintings were used as illustration to cover academic publications in Gaëtan Morin, editor.

Gilles Jobin speaks with his brush. It offers a simple and accurate design leads us into a fascinating world where vulnerable characters affect us . He loves inventing characters often androgynous youth , whose faces with clean lines, often still have eyes that ask questions or set a specific point …

For Gilles Jobin , it is important to convey an emotion, his own emotion that will be felt by the person who looks around the canvas . So he presents simple , minimalist decor , a tree, a fence, a cloud … an introspective painting or each color has its importance.

The quiet world of Gilles Jobin is a world of look, a questioning world where a curious mixture of happiness and sadness is sometimes perceived .

Gilles Jobin, artist, Chicoutimi, figures, la corniche art gallery