Lorne H. Bouchard

Lorne Holland Bouchard

Born in Montréal, Québec, Canada, on March 19th. 1913.
Started drawing at age seven years in Douglastown, Gaspé. Mother, Jennie Holland was born in Gaspé, father, Roch Bouchard was born in Montréal.

Studied drawing under Wilfred M. Barnes, RCA and also at École des Beaux Arts in Montréal, under professor Felix, 1928, 929 and 1930.

1928 – 29
Worked in Northern Québec, Quinze River, Angliers,P.Q. and Northern Ontario, Montréal River (Silver Center and Cobalt), lake Temiscaming area. Hydro projects, survey and pole-line gang. This North country greatly impressed me and has influenced my work, even to this date.

1931 – First Exhibition
Spring Exhibition: Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, • (then called “Art Association of Montréal”). The canvas titled “McGill Cab Stand, Winter 1929” painted at age 16.

Autumn Exhibition: Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, held at “Art Association of Montréal” water colour titled: “Floating coffer dam crib into place, Quinze River, Northern Ontario”.

1933 – Gaspé
First sketching trip, i.e. Painting in oil on location.

1935, May – Drummondville, Québec.
Took job as label designer and Assistant Art Director, Dennison Mfg.Co.of Canada Ltd., under William Cripps who was a great influence on me, especially in memory drawing of the figure. Learned more with Bill Cripps than with anyone before or since. A man with an uncanny memory and simplicity of design, one of the truly gifted and great draughtsman.

1939 April
Married, Lucille Milot in Drummondville, P.Q. where our children, Joyce and William were born.

Elected Associate of the Royal Canadian Academy (A.R.C.A))

Took job as illustrator with Bomac Ltd., Montréal, P.Q. artists and engravers, under Reginald Murdoch, Art Director, 3 ½ years with Bomac. Worked four days per week, commuting to Drummondville on weekends.

Moved family from Drummondville to Montréal

Painting and sketching trip Cape Ann. Mass., USA

Illustrator with C. & G. Grier, Ltd., Montréal P.Q. Advertising Art Service, also with Rapid Grip and Batten Ltd. ,Montréal, Artists and Engravers.

Started free lance (Advertising Illustrator)

Painted “Québec City” and “Shawinigan Falls” for Seagram “Cities of Canada Series“. Also numerous paintings for Advertising Agencies.

Award of merit, Art Directors Club of Montréal, exhibition of advertising and editorial art at Montréal Museum of Fine Arts.

1959 Joint first prize, Montréal Hadassah Exhibition
During time of employment with different advertising firms, painted and sketched on location weekends and took trips without pay so I could study direct from nature, especially in late winter and autumn. Never applied for any bursaries, Federal or Provincial, which could have helped during our lean year

Favorite painting locations;
Gaspé Coast, Baie-St-Paul, lower St. Lawrence, the Beaupre Coast, Laurentide Park, Oka and St-Placide, (Lake of Two Mountains.) Very impressed with Mexico in March and April 1963.

Represented in Private & Corporate Collections:
Canada, U.S.A., England, Switzerland, South America, India and Australia.

Painted in Canada from coast to coast, Western provinces, The Rockies, British Columbia. Trip recorded in Weekend magazine in full color, entitled, “The Magic of the Mountains.”

Elected full member of Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) Exhibited in numerous group shows and traveling exhibitions in Canada and U.S.A., Ford traveling shows.

By the curtesy of and in the company of David and Claire Molson, my wife Lucille and I sailed on the boat the “Laird River”, down the “MacKenzie river,” from Hay River on Great Slave Lake to the Beaufort Sea in the Western Arctic, a distance of 1,200 miles.

This Western Artic trip recored in full color in Weekend magazine and also in Perspective (french supplement), double page spread, titled “The Mackenzie River, the Mississippi of the North.”

Painted and sketched in Mexico, Taxco, and San Miguel de Allende.

1940, 1949, 1952, 1955
Continental Galleries, Montréal, Québec.

1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1969, 1971
Walter Klinkoff Galleries, Montréal, Québec.

Two-man show in Gallery 12, Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, with Kitti Bruneau

Four-man show in London, Ontario Museum with Albert Cloutier,R.C.A. Alan Collier, R.C.A. and William Roberts.

Royal Canadian Academy of Travelling Exhibitions throughout Canada.

First trip to Eastern Arctic, March and April. All Eastern Arctic trips, courtesy of M.J.F.TOOLEY, Chairman of Nordair. Painted twentyfour 12″x16″ oils on location along with countless drawings, sketching from co-pilot’S SEAT, NORDAIR DC-3 en-route to various points;

Cape Dorset, Pangnirtung, Broughton Island, Frobisher Bay (Baffin Island) also a short stop at Fort Chimo. I was on first 737 jet to land at Resolute.

Second trip to record passage of oil tanker Manhattan off Resolute Bay through Northwest passage, also a week’s stay at Frobisher in September.

During trip in March 1969, film maker John Basset of Montréal accompanied me to the Arctic and from this combined expedition came the film, in color, entitled “LORNE BOUCHARD, an artist’s impression of the ARCTIC. II

Film “LORNE BOUCHARD”, an artist’s impression of the Arctic" was on Nation Wide Television three times to date and was shown privately at Ottawa’s Civic Center, courtesy of Mr. James Tooley, Chairman of Nordair.

1970 May
First trip to Europe, France (Paris & Vence), Italy, (Rome, Florence, Venice, Sienna, Portofino, Genoa, etc.,) Painted pochades and drawings in all places,” ink notes from moving buses”.

1971 May
Second trip to Europe, Spain, Portugal, resulting in approximately 100 drawings and a few oil sketches.

1971 June
Painted “Churchill Falls” on assignment for Mr. Tom Sanderson, Vice President of Hewitt Equipment Company.

1971 July
Third trip to Arctic with Lucille, Frobisher Bay, Resolute, Cape Dorset, Pangnirtung, N.W.T., Baffin Island.

1971 October
Gaspe Coast painting trip

1972 April
Beaupré Coast sketching trip

1972 June
Nova Scotia Cabot trail and New Brunswick

1972 July
Fourth trip to Eastern Arctic, Pangnirtung, Painting and drawings

1972 November
Exhibition (one-man show) Art Emporium, Vancouver, BC

1973 April
Painting trip “North Shore” below Québec City.

1973 July
Painting trip Gaspé Coast

1973, July 26th.
Arctic painting and fishing trip, Clear Water fiord, Baffin Island off Cumberland Sound

1973 November
Exhibition (one man show) Walter Klinkhoff Gallery, Montréal,P.Q. Québec and Eastern Arctic

1974 March
Trip to Mexico, Sketching in San Cristobal, Las Casas, “Sierra Madre Mountains”, Oaxaca, Guadalajara and surrounding towns.

1974 May
Sketching and Painting trip, North Shore, Charlevoix County, P.Q.

1974 June
Study trip to New York

1974 July
Sketching Painting trip, Baffin Island, N.W.T.

1974 October
Sketching and Painting, North Shore Beaupré Coast, P.Q.

1974 November
Sketching and Painting, Diamond Drill Site, Lac Lunar. “East of Laurentide Park.”

1975 April-May
Holiday and sketching trip, Martinique,St.Lucia, West Indies

1975 May
Sketching and painting trip, Baie St. Paul, P.Q.

1975 October
Portrait of Dr.Armand Frappier “Fondateur de 1 ‘Institute de Microbiologie et Hygiene de Montréal.”

1975 November
Exhibition (one man show) Walter Klinkoff Gallery, Montréal, P.Q

1976 October
Sketching trip-painting Charlevoix County, North Shore, Laurentide Park

1977 May
Sketching trip-painting Charlevoix County, North Shore, Laurentide Park

1977 August
Sketching Trip- Gaspe coast with Lucille

1977 November
LAST EXHIBITION (one man show) Walter Klinkoff Gallery, Montréal,P.Q. (Québec and Arctic)

Walter Klinkoff Gallery, Montréal, Québec, Canada

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