Louise Carrier

Louise Carrier


Louise Carrier has left an important and authentic work . It is in the life she led as well as in his art, where sobriety , which can detect any inner wealth woman , Louise Carrier reign . Those who knew her home found the woman , artist, . the poet, the charming woman , deeply human , the one that had the power to drink that life is most true.

The art of Louise Carrier is pure, very mature . His work has escaped the influence of different methods and schools of thought . In her painting was an intimate gesture , modest by which she expressed her love of people and things . Intimate painter , Louise Carrier fixed on the canvas his moods , was projected in the faces she drew .

In this artist ‘s indifference was not his place this éatit a passionate belief that a human being to live , needs to wonder. But the fire that is fueled animated uncertainty , anxiety , despair even dotting one day either way of the artist.

“I made a self -portrait, she wrote in her diary I am distressed about this table What martyrdom painting. . :

1- pleasure of painting best time

2 – exaltation

3 – doubt, feel tired

4 – fatigue , taste destroy

5 – no more discernment, complete blindness , depression, despair

I wish that I could never give up painting . As I would like to express that feeling ! ”

Louise Carrier has a warm work, imbued with tenderness and sweetness.

Jean- Paul Lemieux, friend of the artist , is seduced by the work and personality of Louise Carrier. ” His painting does not make noise , it is very soft, a little melancholy and very much like this frail little woman she was . Professor Louise Carrier in the ’40s , Jean- Paul Lemieux speaks especially of humility the artist and his imperviousness to all the theories he appreciated her home.

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