Pellan, Alfred

Alfred Pellan (1906-1988)

Alfred Pellan (1906-1988) is the first Quebec artist to have inspired surrealism. It will boast of having adopted the modern art before Paul -Émile Borduas . Upon his return to Quebec in 1940, after a stay of more than fourteen years in France , Pellan becomes the focus of progressive artists . The cubist and surrealist art he brings with him is however considered too avant-garde , therefore it will sell soon. From 1943 to 1952 , to survive, he taught at the École des Beaux -Arts in Montreal . His active opposition to the theoretical foundations of the Director of the School pushes it to resign in 1945. The school then becomes more liberal in its approach. Indeed, Pellan openly against academicism and is committed to an independent art, more open to universality.

In the art of Pellan form does not remain raw . If it is the result of an accident, the artist has the lead beyond its original state. It emphasizes aesthetics and cohesion of the whole , which often relies on complex compositions. Applied and methodical, meticulous care Pellan brings to the graphic quality of his works , a feature that will grow in importance over the years. This working method offers the possibility to exploit almost infinite universe of its suggestive language. Observe canvas Pellan, you have access to a world of fun , organized, where nature plays a leading role in the inspiration. Keen observer , the artist develops many of his compositions on a similar ordering of nature in its intimate structure mode, both by the repetition of the form and its infinite variety . The spirit of Alfred Pellan over the last twenty years of its production says even more whimsical and humorous dimension of his approach as well as evidenced by several components of the Bestiary .