Rousseau, Albert

Albert Rousseau

1909 -1982

Albert Rousseau was born in 1908 in St. Eitenne-de-Lauzon. His art career begins with attending the School of Fine Arts, from which he graduated in 1931. He had plans of becoming an independent artist but the Great Depression hit and the artist himself was forced to work. He continued to paint through this time period and beyond it. In 1956 he built a studio for himself and his colleagues to paint at. In 1960 Rousseau began to teach at various institutions in Quebec. He was known, during that time, for organizing a rural exhibition that ran annually, which other local artists have continued on with in his memory. In 1970 Rousseau purchased a mill which he had renovated in to a gallery setting and a place for artists to meet. It was known as Le Moulin des Arts and to this day artists still gather and show work in. It is also the sight of his annual show.

He is one of the forefathers of art in Canada. He had dedicated his life to it. Rousseau had traveled frequently and found it a stimulating source of his work. He would sketch during his travels work and then upon his return would return to his studio to create paintings from his sketches. Known best for his Impressionistic style of painting, it is one from which many other artists have used as inspiration for creating their own style. He was inspiring to and inclusive in the art world until his death in 1982. Rousseau’s pieces still on display portray the memories of a life in art well lived.