Saint-Gelais, Ann

Ann Saint-Gelais

Since the ’80s , Ann St- Gelais has addressed several aspects of the arts by working as an agent of cultural development , teacher and designer.

Since that time, St- Gelais has ceased to have a parallel artistic production in these various jobs. Can be described multidisciplinary practice since it touched on areas as diverse as drawing, painting, sculpture, design , installation and graphic design .

Ann Saint- Gelais devoted himself entirely to painting shares with her ​​students her passion for art .

In his oils, Ann St. Gelais is in constant search of a pigment light. In its pure compositions exudes a peaceful atmosphere and its intuitive approach to painting , she finds inspiration in his memory Fossil .

This theory inexhaustible visual sensations is cultivated as a source of creative inspiration for the artist and opens windows on his memoirs Personal History .

In his works , Ann Saint- Gelais seeks to capture the essence of the real world and invites us to ask a meditative look at the nature of things .

St- Gelais , who holds a bachelor’s degree in visual arts education at UQAC , was born in 1950 and still lives in Jonquière in the Saguenay.

Ann Saint- Gelais exhibited at the Art Gallery La Corniche for over 10 years.

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