Duchesne, Raymonde

Raymonde Duchesne (Lac St-Jean 1945-Quebec 2013)

All are born in the eye of the painter , springing one day from her imagination and memory – men and women  , mothers and children . Dressed in old-fashioned clothes , they have no real place in the present time , no real faces other than those the artist has given  them  . Immobile, serene and sometimes shy , how many  of them watch  for the least  sign of the outside  world , perhaps  in order to turn away from it ?
Ingenius and timid , do they call out to us from their world of secret silences ? For the last 30 years Raymonde Duchesne has invented her « people, » granting them in their daily lives a loving expression perfumed with candour  and nostalgia . Through  many a gesture of tenderness , patience and renuntiation , and musing , she has set to canvas  her own journey thought life , strewn  with joys and sorrows , both large and small . Such is her work . A precious chronology in image and text , the milestones of the journey ,
this book , her first , resembles a family  album , that of a family  gravitating around the image of the mother , of all mothers, of  hers in particular . Thus , one by one , genre scenes slip out from the pages . In style and in spirit they continue the heritage of the « human style-lifes » of Modigliani , The flattened perspectives of Matisse , or , still yet , the enigmatic portraits of Lemieux  . None the less , through this simple figuration impregnated with  a  gentle  naivete , each  painting transforms  the anecdote into a scene of emotions .

Look carefully . Life slips away , intensifies . The muffled-up and static figures  of the beginning , so often isolated and confined , are slowly  liberated . Their presences , in an unspecified time ,  becomes more  precise  as they  develop  complicity . Their forms become rounder , more « sensuel, » and brighter in contact with colour  and flowery exteriors ,  increasingly present  . Crumpled letters , cages birds ,and dolls serve as symbols to be interpreted .
Nicole Allard
Historienne de l’art

Desmeules, Dominique

Dominique Desmeules

The pictorial approach of Dominique Desmeules is drawing its inspiration from floral subjects such as flower beds, or eventually a simple bunch of flowers and old stone flower-pots found in my natural gardens where summertime is busy with photographs and sketches. In this way, light and movement are captured and later on interpreted in my own artistic way. The painting is mostly defined as semi-figurative in its approach. The stylized flowers are directly carved on the canvas with lively imagination, at times tinted with memories and motifs from my numerous travels around the globe. Acrylic is the preferred medium with an addition, from time to time, of paper collages, modeling paste and oil pastel to increase the texture of the final product. The spatula and modeling paste are used to accentuate movement and depth.


Dominique Desmeules, an artist from Chicoutimi, uses acrylic to create her work. Vegetation is the basis of her inspiration : foliage, flowers, lichen on rocks…

From the first seed to the last flower, she likes to garden from early spring to late fall which leads her to observe the shade and the light as well as the movement caused by the wind in a flower bed.

Photography allows her to catch luminous moments in her garden and this, throughout the year since a winter garden is as interesting to her.


Dominique desmeules, Chicoutimi, Galerie la Corniche

Chiasson, Denis (Desson)

Denis Chiasson


Like other artists who were trained in graphic design, Denis Chiasson Desson attaches great importance to composition, which frames all creation. He begins by making a series of sketches. Once a drawing is chosen, Denis Chiasson (Desson) transposes the outline to the canvas, which is progressively defined with the application of colour. What emerges is a painting whose subject is enhanced by strong, angular and intense lines. This meticulous process adds a touch of perfectionism to his works that is seldom seen elsewhere. His strong colours reveal an uncommon sensitivity, bringing forth touching images inhabited by a unique personal style.

His female nudes are particularly striking and are an exception to the rule in today’s galleries, where such subject matter is becoming less sought-after. He treats the female form with modesty and respect, eliminating all eroticism. A great intensity emanates from the compositions where the forms are gathered in tight poses. Looking down, reserved and, most recently, with their eyes closed, his female subjects are striking in their interiority and the contemplation they evoke. This visual aesthetic and the introspection with which he infuses his subjects make Denis Chiasson an exceptional artist: one to be discovered.