Marc-Aurele Fortin

The painter, watercolourist, draughtsman, printmaker, Marc-Aurele Fortin was born in Ste-Rose, Quebec, once a suburban village north of Montreal, and for his entire life, he was devoted to landscape painting that celebrated the beauty of nature. Even when depicting the port or suburbs of Montreal, such as Pont-Viau, he focused on the bucolic aspects of regions not yet encroached by modern urbanism and remained faithful to the role of the artist as a celebrator of nature’s beauty. “Painting”, he said, “is silent poetry”.

He studied with Edmond Dyonnet at the Council of Arts and Manufactures in Montreal by 1907 and with Edward J. Timmons at the Art Institute of Chicago by 1910. He lived in Edmonton in 1907-09, Chicago, New York and Boston in 1909-12. He travelled in France 1934-35.Marc-Aurele Fortin  died in Macamic in 1970.

Marc-Aurele Fortin, historical artist, la corniche art gallery, quebecMarc-Aurèle Fortin, historical artist, quebec, galerie d'art la corniche

He painted in the Laurentians, Quebec City and vicinity, Île d’Orléans, Charlevoix, Gaspé and Saguenay regions.






Subsequent to his 1935 trip to Europe, Marc-Aurèle Fortin began to experiment with his manière noire, or black manner, whereby he covered the entire surface of his canvas or board with black enamel. Once it was dry, he deposited colour directly from the tube and then later extended these applications with a brush, achieving an intense luminosity and brilliance of colour.


Marc Martel

Marc Martel

Date and place of birth
Marc Martel was born in Lévis in 1933. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Buckingham before settling in the Quebec City area to continue his studies.

Training and career
An Arts graduate of Université Laval, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières, Marc Martel began sculpting in the early seventies while pursuing a teaching career. He refined his art through a number of internships in Canada, the United States and Europe and has honed his skills with concrete, bronze and ceramics. A prolific artist, Marc Martel has participated in 25 exhibitions, including 13 solo exhibitions, and was the subject of a retrospective in 2001. His sculptures are exhibited in several Canadian galleries, and his works form part of many private collections.

His work and his art
Drawer, painter, engraver and jeweller by turns, Marc Martel is a versatile artist who established his name with sculpture. His works, rich with symbolism, are fertile, original and expressive. Through his imposing sandstone and concrete murals, his terracotta busts of famous figures or his miniature bronze pieces, Marc Martel has a talent for conveying the essential. He bases his approach on a noble philosophy, a single-minded desire to make sculpture «accessible without being easy, that speaks to people, awakens their senses and carries them forward.»

In recent few years, the sculptor has turned his creative energies to a series of patinated bronze birds. Since 1993, the artist has made more than a thousand drawings in a small sketchbook, from which he developed 180 models produced in a limited run of only eight pieces. These pieces, which rarely exceed 30 centimetres, inspire joy and gaiety, while their skilful contours attest to the sculptor’s mastery of his art. The sculptures are named for descriptive characteristics, which effectively breathes life into each bird. You will enjoy getting to know méditatif, bedonnant, somnolent, jongleur and bollé; some of the expressive winged creatures, the flights of fancy that elicit a smile from all who gaze upon them.106le tourne-vite1

Marie-Eve Cournoyer

Marie-Eve Cournoyer

Marie-Eve Cournoyer is a very intuitive and creative painter.

Born in 1977 in Quebec, Canada, she discovered at a very young age her intense love for art and paint; a love that continues to mature. She has completed a ceramic course at Centre deCéramique in Montreal and finished her Masters in Visual Arts at the University of Quebec inMontreal. Participating in many exhibitions and symposia since 1997, her art can be found in many galleries across Canada.

A very passionate and prolific artist, her paintings are a mix of the imaginary, the figurative and the contemporary, all expressed colorfully and with a touch of simplicity.

Her goal is to continually push her limits, in order to obtain results that even she could not have expected or imagined. Exploring different media, she seeks original and unique forms with different colors and textures, guaranteeing that each creation will be as unique and original as their creator.


Huot, Francine

Francine Huot

Francine Huot was born in 1947 in Chateau-Richer, Province of Quebec, Canada. She acquired extensive knowledge of drawing, composition and colour before starting expressing herself through watercolour. She attended many workshops under the supervision of well known watercolourists in the Province of Quebec. More than ten years of personal work and research in watercolour resulted in a very original style that she expresses mainly through landscape and still life.

Francine Hout, artist, landscapes, la corniche art gallery

Cantin, Roger

Roger Cantin

” It all started when my mother made me a gift box of watercolors . ”

Roger Cantin, self-taught painter , was born in Quebec in 1930. His art is impulsive and spontaneous. As soon as an idea comes to mind , always simple, rarely picturesque , he materializes on canvas with astonishing mastery of form and color . We particularly Quebec houses he camped with a hint of gentle melancholy . His palette of soft heat reveals a lively and diluted without excess dough.

In his paintings , blues and ochres of great tenderness oppose refined white . We then feel the softness of a being in full communion with the landscape , the sky , earth, space, infinity. Everything here is meditation, peace , love .

Besides acrylic, watercolor Roger Cantin practice . He pulls this technique interesting decorative effects where sober and harmonious colors combine to form subtly recreated. Seeking simplification of form and color in the description of people and landscapes remains its primary concern.

Roger Cantin participated in several exhibitions during his career, and his work is exhibited at the Galerie la Corniche for over 30 years.

Roger Cantin, artist, landscape, Quebec, la corniche art gallery