Tremblay, Léo

Leo Tremblay

Leo Tremblay was born December 11, 1944 in New Brunswick in the concession Tremblay. At nearly forty miles from Caraquet, in the Baie des Chaleurs , this concession is located within the village of Petit-Rocher .

Leo Tremblay spent his childhood with farmers , loggers and fishermen of his native Canada . Participating intensely throughout his youth, to his own various rural and working class activities , it permeates experiences that mark his work.

“I attach great importance to today things of the earth , people who work with their hands, which depend on temperature , crops , sea and forest for their livelihood . ”

In 1959 Leo Tremblay becomes aware of his interest in painting . His encounter with a local painter is originally valuable trade both technical perspective drawing that intellectual stimulation. In 1963, the teenager leaves New Brunswick with the intent to continue her studies in Art.

During the ensuing years , Leo Tremblay works in different studios Graphic Arts in Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City, as artistic director of a home advertising.

Alongside his work , he painted and continued his research by reading and regularly visiting the Museums of Toronto , Buffalo, Chicago , Philadelphia and Boston. Gifted with unusual curiosity , it multiplies constantly fishing trips in rural regions of Quebec, in his native province and on the coast of Maine.

Thus he is able to observe the various changes of the seasons, the characteristics of each, and to fully appreciate these moments of contemplation. It is this kind Leo Tremblay chooses to paint and tell us .


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