Tremblé, Léo Paul

” When we look at a work of art when it moves towards us , this is a cut that has already been made ​​and the look must cope . (…) We know that the framing, c is a take on the world … and framing is an autonomous space. ”

Thus the late René Payant described the effect of a work of art on the viewer. The artist, Léo- Paul Tremblé due within the phenomenon of the act of creation :
” My truth to me is one among many others . When I paint , I do not copy a tree. I play with the beauty of the tree. I do my tree. Painting is the dream, the wonderful which is everywhere in a coffee cup in a fruit, in a body, in a tree . ”

Portions of the landscape, both portions, so many landscapes that Léo- Paul Tremblé gave birth in a lifetime : big plans or details , forests, houses , valleys, lifestyle, portraits and trees , and flowers … Tel painter , play with the beauty of a tree , do not forget to see , grab a vision, a portion , frame , are the basic elements of the artist.

Then , the material : pulp, flowing or thick pigment . And then color , colors : all shades of green, gray , black, brown . The light is a burst of white or yellow ocher . And instrument spatula or brush , the two sometimes one sometimes the other , which gives the style because this instrument is an extension of the mind , the soul of the painter.

And is Léo- Paul Tremblé ? A man among us, born in Kénogami , who fished in the Petite-Décharge Alma , which was clerical in lumber camps ” where he learned all the lakes and forests of the north , where he learned all by the look . ”

Discovering art , he watered his soul also poetry , literature , music : sonatas by Chopin, Rimbault poetry , songs Leclerc . Sensitive and ” bourasseux ” he works on the floor , turns around the canvas like a dancer .

When in 1963 , he decided to take a sabbatical and try to live his painting was bold and far-reaching consequence . From the beginning it is supported by the community, and all lovers of beauty and dreams , who bought his paintings throughout his life.
Born in Kénogami . In 1962 , he devoted himself entirely to his art in 1962. The artist explores first the abstract, his meeting Riopelle the firms in its approach. He discovered circa 1970 pastel. He left the spatula in 1981 and then to develop new themes , still lifes , faces, flowers. Painter of the absolute will Tremblé school area.

Léo-Paul Tremblé